B A R C E is my family name, and with this brand I wish to celebrate the history of hard work, innovation and craft that runs through its generations. I come from a tradition of craftspeople - master tailors, musicians, builders, artists, makers.  An original “DIY” culture that finds its origin in the practice of utilizing available materials and resources to solve problems and create objects both useful and beautiful. It is from my family that I inherited the drive to create.  

From my father, who hails from the Philippines, I received a lesson in diligence, in learning for learning’s sake, and to follow my interests, wherever they might lead.  Dad would delve deep into his project, and when he’d found success, he’d move on to something new - from oil painting to black-and-white photography to woodworking, bird watching to fishing. He currently spends his time threading intricate geometric designs on fishing poles using a handmade turner, powered by a sewing machine motor and set of roller skates.  None of these items, of course, are for sale.

My mother grew up right here in Portland, in a house my grandfather built with his hands.  From her I inherited a strong attention to detail, and a sense of mindfulness and care for materials and for others.  It is her influence that drives me to make things to perfection, to make sure that my seams are pressed and straight. She has equipped me with the ability to manage my time and organize my life so that I can be productive, but also to prioritize self-care.

I am currently in the process of building this brand; it is a slow process, operating in a market that prioritizes immediacy, mass production, and planned obsolescence. My goal is to bolster the value of goods made by hand, locally, through ethical means, with little or no waste, and to only present items that are versatile, stylish and built to last.

Welcome to the family. +


B A R C E is the ready-to-wear project by visual artist + curator Noelle Suzanne Barce. View her artwork here. Items available for purchase here.