Rachael Zur at The Joinery SW

I came across Rachael’s work during the PSA exhibition and Sexual Assault Resource Center fundraiser, curated by Lindsay Oldani, at the Ford Gallery a few years back.  We both had donated work to the show, and I was immediately drawn to Rachael’s because of her stunning use of color and unconventional materials.  I hesitate to call her work “playful,” a term that may be misinterpreted as non-committal; there is nothing whimisical or haphazard about it. Rachael makes strong, confidant marks in bright colors in unique combinations, pushing the (sometimes unexpected) materials to their limits.  There is something so poetic - maybe a little dangerous, vulnerable - about these decisions.  I always appreciate when artists - specifically those working in traditional mediums like painting, drawing, and printmaking - take steps to push the boundaries of their craft, and cause the viewer to continue to look, and wonder. +

Please stop by The Joinery’s downtown showroom this month to see a collection of Rachael’s works.  Showing through early January.  922 SW Yamhill St.  

Artist Statement:

 “Optimism - not of a naïve nature, but of remembering when, with a needle and thread, we mended ourselves after being torn apart - is at the heart of my work.  Scars become, not just evidence of past trauma, but of a stitching back together, deciding to move forward.  Geneologically, my work is connected to the ancient practice of painting, a medium that is currently being renegotiated in terms of ideology and materials, due to an abundance of information and sources.  My work is a hybrid of traditional and non-art materials, as well as unorthodox applications of paint.  Graffiti-like marks conjure feelings of rebellion and resilience. Through a preoccupation with written language, and my subjectivity as someone with dyslexia, my work speaks to themes of disconnect in communication, as well as tenacity.  My work is the evidence of my drive to keep going; through its imagery I hope that you locate something in yourself that is both fierce and beautiful.”  



Disruptions, on display with the exquisite, solid wood furniture + accessories, finely crafted by our friends at The Joinery


Disruptions | 36x48” | Acrylic + resin on canvas | $730


Enjoy Being Distracted | 36x24” | Acrylic on metal screen | $700

More Than Just a Number   | 30x40” | Acrylic + resin on canvas over panel | $720

More Than Just a Number  | 30x40” | Acrylic + resin on canvas over panel | $720


Not a Numeral  | 36x36” | Acrylic on canvas w/ holes | $700