Trust Collective is an independent, artist-run organization located in Portland, Oregon. Our mission is to engage emerging local artists with each other + the surrounding community through event-based programming and visual + performing art exhibitions. Our goal is to create spaces that encourage artistic collaboration + the free exchange of ideas.

Trust is directed by artist + visual art curator Noelle Suzanne Barce, and her collaborator, writer, teacher + Tarot scholar Coleman Stevenson, among others.

The work of current Trust artists can be seen on rotation at Red Fox Bar in North Portland, and at The Joinery’s SW + SE showrooms.

 Please visit our CALENDAR to find out about upcoming events!

Trust accepts submissions!  We have a soft spot for the emerging, the self-taught, the outsiders, the printmakers, and those interested in intersections of image + text. If you are an artist wishing to engage, or a venue with bare walls, please use the form below to start the dialog.  +

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